Bram Stoker, you Son of a Bitch!

I did it, I finally finished Dracula.  Yep, I finished it several days ago, and you know what? Well, I will tell you what- I was incredibly disappointed it the ending. In my eyes, it was wrong. All of it was horribly, horribly WRONG! I was looking for a twist, a little deception, a pinch of intrigue, but no. There was no deception, no big plot twist, and no intrigue anywhere to be found. There was only heart break. Heart break on the part of the reader- me. How could Stoker do this? How could he take such a wonderful opportunity and just throw it away? Mina and Drac should have rode off into the sunset together (hypothetically speaking, of course, considering they are vampires, and nighttime is much more favorable to the undead than sunset). Sure, I will say it, I wanted Mina to complete her transition vampirehood and take her rightful place as the first lady in Dracula’s army of darkness; what’s so wrong with that? Nothing, nothing is wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with assuming the ending would be a little dark and scandalous. But here is the thing, here is the realization that it just finding its way to me, amongst trail of tears left behind by Stoker’s unfortunate ending- Even more than hoping to witness Mina Harker’s decent to the abyss of evil, I wanted Count Dracula to live. Looking back, I can clearly see that I took his existence for granted, simply assuming that he would continue his “work” long after the novel ended. Boy, was I wrong. Perhaps, if I had known his fate (and not just Mina’s) was on the ropes, I would have devoted more time to examining his beautifully complex character, especially toward the ending, rather than obsessing/ praying for the loss of the leading lady’s moral compass. It seems to me that Dracula’s survival would have meant so much more to the reader, and to, well, everyone who is even remotely familiar with the story, than his death. Dracula is dead. Plus, he killed off the other vampires, too. Who do we fear now?  Who???? I mean, I must admit, the book was never really that scary for me; and okay, I never once, throughout my readings, leaned toward the belief that vampires actually existed- now or then. However, Stoker should have at least had the decency to leave the door open for the reader. Come on! I should see fog, and wonder if it is him. Is that a bat? Hmm…A large mischief of rats? Oh, no! Howling wolfs? What if? Nope, none of that; not anymore. Stoker closed the door, the gateway to any possibility of Dracula finding his way to your 21st century cul-de-sac. Goddamn you, Bram Stoker! You are no better than Walt Disney. You did to vampire folklore, what he did to fairy tales- you sanitized it and left it for dead (no pun intended). Shame on you! Dracula WILL live on, for when I tell this story to my children he will live. That’s right, he will live and continue his reign of terror from now to eternity- at least in the mind and dreams of my two children (cue the maniacal laugh). As for Mina, I can let her go. You win Mina, Bram. She is all yours. But Dracula, I don’t care if you did create the man, you had no right to kill him off, and for that reason he stays with me.


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